ASCENSION PATH is an online training class
unifying Spirituality and Personal Development.

Sandra Walter provides step-by-step guidance of the Ascension process through
videos, meditations and printable materials, available anytime to work at your own pace.

This is a deeply comprehensive, life-transforming experience for all levels of awakening.
These materials are Light-encoded to assist your Ascension progress.

Empowerment and Activation. Now.

"Ascension Path is a true masterpiece, delivered in an easy
step-by-step way (in quality video) from a beautiful human being.
I now know who I AM, where I AM from and where I AM going."
- J. Andean, East Yorkshire, UK

Modules guide you through every step of the Ascension Process,
utilizing methods, meditations and Mastery Skill tools for each step:

Gaia, Solaris and The Golden Race
Mastering The Body Consciousness
Multidimensional Structure
Ascension Symptoms, Detox and Activation
Amplifying the Light Body
Transmuting the Lower levels of Ego, Mind, Emotion
Heart Coherence and Unconditional Love
Divine Neutrality and Forgiveness
Merging with the Higher Self
The Solar Cosmic Christ: Embodiment
Activating the Higher Senses and Pineal Vision
Sacred Space: Clearing, Crystals and Ceremony
Crystalline Consciousness Activation
Sacred Magnetics: Feminine-Masculine Balance
Leveling Up: Ascension Timelines
Star Family and Contact
Gateways and Gridwork
Finding your Mission and Divine Service
Divine HUman DNA Activation
Connecting with Multidimensional Aspects
5D Transcendence

~ Over 30 hours of videos and mp3s ~
BONUS: Over 50 hours of insightful Q&A call replays!

"This is a profoundly transformational work. Powerful, clear, straight-forward,
divine information for the present moment. It assisted me when I needed
immediate healing and connection to Source to remember who I AM."
- T.R., Brazil


Terms of Use: By purchasing and using this course material, you take full responsibility for your actions and results whether judged by you, or others, to be positive or negative. No refunds will be issued. Please do not purchase this class if you do not agree to these terms.

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